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In Memory of Sailor Bill Killingsworth

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There Once Was A Man From Over The Hill,
He Never Worked,
And Never Will,
His Name Was

In Memory of

Hey, "I knew the old mutherfucker too"

It didn't matter if you loved, liked, or hated  him.
Whether he loved, liked or hated you.
If you had ever met this man, he has made a place in your mind that will
always be there.

Sailor Bill Killingsworth
This page is dedicated to the Memory of SAILOR  BILL Killingsworth to whom this site would not be possible without.. If you knew  him then you understand the second line in the title, if not, you never will.

Kistler K. Killingsworth
Born in 1921 and died in 1997,
There never has been a man to live a fuller life..
A Marine Veteran, a Carnie, a Gangster, a Biker, a Tattoo Artist,
a Father, a Husband and Most Of All "A LEGEND".

It seems that if I wrote for days about this  pioneer in the Tattoo Industry, it would never do him justice. He lived his life  "Wide Mutha Fuckin Open" and would face God or the Devil any day of the week and  not slow down. Every day of his life would have made a chapter in a book, so I  can't even begin to enlighten those who have never known him. But from the ones  who did, I have been told that this page brought back lots of memories. For  those of you who did not know Sailor Bill, just keep your ears open, and if you  ever hear someone mention his name, get them to tell you what they knew about  him. By the time you are through listening, your mouth will probably be agape,  and you will be thinking to yourself that the stories sounded too far fetched to  be the truth..
Well you can bet your ass that all the crazy memories people have of Sailor  Bill don't have to be stretched, to freak people the fuck out.
Its better to call My Mother a Whore,
Than to call a Tattoo Instrument,
A GUN...
My name is Lil' Rat and
Sailor Bill Kilingsworth
is responsible  for me being a Tattoo Artist today.

"Thanks, Sailor Bill".

Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.
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