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Birdsong's tattoo portfolio and biography

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I pretty much grew up in a family of bikers, truck drivers and electricians. All of which had tattoos. I spent a lot of time in a tattoo shop at a very young age, 5 or 6 years old. I would trace flash in a corner. Skulls, dragons, hotrods and motorcycles. I was hooked. I wanted to be in that world. I grew up drawn to those kind of things. The fringe. Lowriders, punk rock, graffiti, skateboarding, tattoos. I was addicted to magazines and would study what was cool and bad ass to me. I did a few homemade tattoos as a teen. My parents would buy me art supplies and that facilitated me being an artist. But I fell in love with tattoos and kinda always knew I wanted to do them for a living. When I graduated High school I got an apprenticeship. Spent a few years trying to figure out what  I was doing. Luckily I made friends with tattooers that cared bout tattoos like I did and it became a way to get better at it. We were trying to impress each other and that turned into trying to impress the person getting tattooed. And that's what I try to stick to now. Trying to do a good tattoo. Trying to make the person happy with a tattoo. I try to stay flexible and versatile in many different styles. I don't want to do just one kind of tattoo. I want to do a good tattoo. So come let me do a good tattoo for you. Thank you in advance.
Tattoo artist Chris Birdsong
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