So you're ready for another Tattoo?? Or maybe your first??

Then feel free to stop by the studios, browse over 20 thousand designs and meet the staff. Even if you haven't decided what you want, it's ok if you're just browsing, this is a great place to start your research and get some assistance making your decision. Don't hesitate to ask questions because there is no stupid question when it comes to getting a tattoo. I'm not saying we won't chuckle if we feel your question is a little funny, because we're only human and some of us have been known to be  smart-asses, anyway?? But we will make sure you get a laugh too and, most of all, your question is answered to the best of our ability, so please be patient.

If you want to see the quality of work performed at Beyond Taboo Tattoo Studios, you will see that all artists have portfolios on display for your convenience therefore, if you can't find what you're looking for, speak with one of our staff, and they will be glad to help you decide on, or design your permanent art.

Here, at Beyond Taboo Tattoo we have a crew of excellent artists qualified to do, not only Flash Designs, but also Portraits, Old School, New Skool, Oriental, Celtic, Traditional, Tribal... and of course, every artist likes doing custom work. They can also completely refurbish old and faded tattoos with more modern pigments or cover them up with colorful designs

If you have general questions, please check out the FAQ page to see if the answers are there.


"Customer service is a very important part of our profession and our artists have their egos in check and will treat you with respect, giving you the tattoo you want, not just what they want to do. Because when all is said and done, this tattoo is all about you, not us. What you like is important to us because you are the person we set out to impress, where at most Tattoo Shops these days the artists are more interested in impressing other artists, instead of their customers. They end up talking customers into getting something totally different from what they wanted, just so they could feel good about themselves and impress their buddies, or flat refuse to do the tattoo and the customer ends up losing in the long run. Don't get me wrong, we will give you our opinion or input if need be, and we love doing Custom Tattoos, but we will not disrespect you by ignoring your wishes."

If you've gone somewhere to get a tattoo finished, added on to, or fixed and you were told that the Artist "Doesn't work on tattoos done by someone else", then you weren't at Beyond Taboo Tattoo Studio. If your artist is so full of themselves, they get mad if you get tattooed by someone else, even if they work in the same shop, then you weren't at Beyond Taboo Tattoo Studio. That tattoo belongs to nobody, but you, so stop wasting time at these other shops because Lil' Rat and the Beyond Taboo Tattoo Crew will be more than happy to finish, fix or cover up what ever you have. And if you contact Lil' Rat himself, at the Florida Studio, this is one of his specialties. He loves fixing or covering, low quality or just unwanted tattoos and is happy to finish tattoos that were incomplete because the artist moved, or you had a falling out, or whatever the reason. Go to our "cover ups" page located in our galleries, and see what we can do.


A 32 year veteran of the tattoo industry, Lil' Rat apprenticed under the legendary Sailor Bill Killingsworth, on the famous strip in Columbus, Ga. known as Victory Drive.

 Thanks to Lil' Rat’s vast experience in the tattoo industry, he has surrounded himself with talented and professional artists and piercers, and makes sure they are also well educated in first-aid, CPR, and Bloodborne Pathogens, for the highest level of customer safety. He is a member of the APT (The Alliance of Professional Tattooists, Inc.) which is a nonprofit educational organization that addresses the health and safety issues facing the tattoo industry today. You can visit their FAQ, at if you have safety concerns about getting a tattoo or piercing.

 Our personnel are aware of the potential risks associated with bloodborne pathogens and have taken steps to protect their clients and themselves. All needles are single use items that are disposed of in sharps containers at the end of each tattoo. All pigments are dispersed into single use disposable containers and anything else that contacts the skin is either single use or Autoclave Sterilized. With just a little education and some research, you can assure yourself of a safe, professional tattoo. If you enter a shop where the staff isn't willing to explain their safety precautions to you, leave there and stop by a "professional tattoo studio".



The whole crew is a fun bunch.

This, combined with a comfortable environment, quality work and  reasonable prices...what else can you ask for??



If Piercings are your desire:  Our experienced and well educated Piercers will be more than glad to help you. Equipped with the most up-to-date selection of jewelry on hand and top-of-the-line piercing instruments, they will explain the procedure and after-care as they punch holes in your body and soul, and adorn your body with jewelry.

And just remember:

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